Bell to Deliver Fastest Internet Speeds and Wi-Fi Technology in North America


Bell announced that it is all set to deliver the fastest Internet speeds in North America of any major provider. As announced in early 2022, Bell is already the fastest of any major internet provider in the United States with 3Gbps, and is now introducing even faster speeds of around 8Gbps, which is the fastest of any speeds offered by any major provider.

With the help of these speeds, and in selected areas of Toronto, Canada, Bell pure fibre internet will have download speeds five times faster than cable technology, and upload speeds 250 times faster than cable technology.

Bell will also bring Wi-Fi 6E into the home, which is the fastest Wi-Fi technology available, and when coupled with the fastest internet speeds in North America, is all set to transform the at-home experience.

Blaik Kirby, group president at Bell, said they are thrilled to be launching the fastest internet speeds and Wi-Fi technology in North America. With download and upload speeds of around 8 gigabits per second, and the availability of gigabit plus speeds with Wi-Fi 6E, they are making consuming content at home even better for their customers, which will allow them to do more of what they want online.

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