Bee1 Launched First Climate Change Education Program In UK


Bee1, which a bee business based in Wales, which has been offering CSR and environmental education solutions and has now also launched the first climate change program in the United Kingdom, which is also including an element of air quality audit.

The program has been developed with the help of Cardiff University, which has been leading the education specialists and scientists, the Our Classroom Climate has been partnering with the schools across the United Kingdom having gathered significant momentum during the program’s initial weeks in business.

The program, which is aimed at the primary level schools has been made up of the downloadable digital lessons and experiments and all of which will be teaching the children about the environment and how to make the positive change.

The lessons are including the capture and cleaning the air in the classrooms and the children have also taught how to weigh the carbon, which they have not captured for seeing how clean their classroom air has now become and this has just been on example of the activities and the adventures that children can embark on.

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At the time of enrolling on the CSR program, the schools are also provided with a hand-held device for the purpose of measuring their local climate and the have also received a school dashboard where the teachers can possibly monitor the climate classroom.