Axel Springer Purchased Politico of US


Germany’s Axel Springer is now going to purchase the company ‘Politico’, a media company, which is based in the United States, and as part of the deal, the German company ‘Axel Springer’ is going to be taking complete control of the partnership of Politico, which had been launched in 2014.

The previous inroads of the Axel Springer into the media market of the United States including the company’s acquisition of the US news company, and this deal is going to be responsible for marking the end of what Robert L. Allbritton have been calling the ride of a lifetime, however he is still going to remain the publisher of the companies Protocol and Politico, and the employees of Politico had also been told in a memo that, there are going to be no changes for any kind of the future that is not definite.

Robert Allbritton said, he has realized that, the company can possibly prosper in a better way if it will be taken over by a bigger company along with the significant ambitions and footprint across the globe.

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The German company ‘Axel Springer’ is going to be paying 1 billion dollars for the purpose of Acquiring Politico, and according to the sources, the strategy of the company in the United States has been mostly focusing on the properties such as Politico, that have been succeeded in making the money through the sponsorships and subscriptions more than the business model of advertising on which several other media properties are relying on.