Audi To Bring 5G technology Of Verizon To Its Vehicles In 2024


The company ‘Audi’ of the United States and Verizon have been teaming up for adding the 5G connectivity to the lineup of the company by the year 2024 and the improved 5G connectivity is going to mean better software performance, along with the enhanced navigation and faster video and music streaming capabilities.

This has been the latest deal for the purpose of bringing faster network speeds to the ne model vehicles along with more advanced software that is needed than the analog cars in the past, and it is also coming as the vehicle companies are exploring the new technologies likes the vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication, which can possibly enhance the driving quality and safety in the future.

Both Verizon and Audi has been saying that, the plan is to bring the technology of 5G Ultra Wideband for the vehicle lineup of the automobile company starting with the model year of 2024, and the improved connectivity is going to be paving the way for the new features like the new driver assistance features and augmented mobile connectivity and also the innovations enabled by the connectivity for the future of automated driving.

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Audi has also secured its position as one of the first automobile company for introducing the in-vehicle WiFi and also the 4G LTE connectivity by introducing the feature in the Audi A# sedan in the year 2015.

Filip Brabec, senior vice president of product planning at Audi in US said, the company is going to be among the first for bringing the next generation of the connectivity to their customers in the United States.