AT&T CEO: Impacts Of The C-Band Power Limit Are Overblown


Jeff McElfresh, chief executive officer of AT&T Communications has shared an update on the holdups of the C-band that are related to the worries of Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) over the interference, and he said that, the new power limits should not be caused for most of the concern.

AT&T along with Verizon has already agreed for pushing back activating the recently acquired C-band spectrum for the 5G network by around one month until 5th January 2021 so that, the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) can possibly review the concerns of air safety, that has been responsible for raising about the interference again with the equipment of aeroplane that are operating in the band of 4.2 GHz.

Jeff McElfresh also said that, the issues had already been debated in the past years, before the FCC has auctioned the spectrum between the band of 3.7 GHz to 3.98 GHz. In the month of November 2021, the carriers said that, they are going to temporarily holding off on the deployments of the C-band.

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He also added that, this move had been made regardless of a large guardband between the deployment of their C-band and what they will be radiating versus the use of the airline radar altimeters in some of the old equipment, which they are mostly concerned about, and the radar altimeters have been the key for the pilots for determining the altitude of a plane above the ground. The FCC has also left a 200 MHz guardband in the place ahead of the Auction 107.