AstraZeneca Seeks Emergency Authorization for its Cocktail Drug in US


The company AstraZeneca has now submitted the company’s antibody cocktail for the emergency authorization of the United States for the purpose of preventing the novel corona virus infection as the options of therapeutic for the covid-19 pandemic.

It has been the first regulatory filing for the medicine of the novel corona virus, that had been 77 percent effective in the prevention of the symptomatic novel corona virus in a clinical trial that has also been including the patients with the high-risk factors for severe infection.

This cocktail novel corona virus can possibly be supplementing the vaccines for the people who have not mounted a strong response to the corona virus vaccines shots and also for the protection of the people, who cannot be immunized, and this comes just days after the company Merck has fuelled the optimism that, it is soon going to have the very first novel corona virus drug, and both the treatments can possibly offer a simple way for treating more number of patients before they reach to the hospital.

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Mene Pangalos, executive vice president for the biopharmaceuticals research at AstraZeneca said, they have now been one more step closer to providing an additional option of the vaccine for the purpose of helping the healthcare workers to protect the people against the novel corona virus alongside the vaccine, and the discussions for the supply of the agreements for the new medicine are going on with the government of the United States.