Artrya Signs US Partnership To Validate AI For Diagnosis Of Heart Diseases


Artrya, a Medtech Company listed in Australia has now disclosed that, the subsidiary of the company in the United States has now signed a clinical partnership along with the Huntsville heart Center based in Alabama. According to a report, an initial agreement between the companies are involving a study for the purpose of determining the efficacy of the AI technology of Artrya for the diagnosis of the coronary heart disease.

The Artrya Salix has been an software powered by Artificial Intelligence that is used for analysing the cardiac CT scans, along with detection of the atherosclerotic plaque, which has been a substrate of most of the heart attacks and it also reports within 15 minutes of an assessment of the vulnerable plaques, calcium, stenosis and total plaque burden of the patients.

The Heart Center Research division of the Hunstville Heart Center is going to be conducting a multi-scanner retrospective study for the purpose of validating the artificial intelligence behind the Artrya Salix. It is also going to use the previousluy obtained CT scans that is going to be anonymised and has been uploaded to Salix and the interpretation is then going to be compared against the interpretation of the expert readers that are recruited.

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Dr Michael L. Ridner, a cardiologist and main investigator of the study said that, his team is going to compare the heart scans for seeing if they can possibly validate the accuracy of the Artrya Salix Artificial Intelligence software in the process of identifying the coronary artery disease.