Apple’s Retail Store in BKC Mumbai Opens on April 18, 2023


Apple reported it will make its ways for clients at two new retail stores in India: On April 18, Apple will open in Mumbai and on April 20, Apple will open in Delhi. These new retail locations represent a significant expansion in India and will provide customers with excellent service and exceptional experiences as they browse, discover, and purchase Apple products.

This morning, the barricade for Apple Saket was shown off. It has a unique design that draws inspiration from the many gates in Delhi, each of which represents a new chapter in the city’s long history. Apple’s second store in India, which is right in the nation’s capital, is the subject of the vibrant artwork. Customers will be able to visit the store’s team of Specialists, Creatives, and Geniuses from April 20 to receive individualized service and support, explore Apple’s most recent product lineup, and find creative inspiration.

Apple BKC announced a special Today at Apple series titled “Mumbai Rising” to commemorate the opening of the first Apple Store in India. The series will run from opening day through the summer. Apple products and services will be used in hands-on activities that celebrate Mumbai’s culture and community and bring together visitors, local artists, and creatives.

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