Apple to start Sourcing Chips from the US in 2024


According to the reports, Apple Inc., is preparing to start sourcing chips for its devices from a US-based manufacturing plant by 2024. In a bid to decrease its reliance on chip plants based in Asia, Apple is planning to source semi-conductor chips from a plant that is under construction in Arizona.

The report comes after Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen denied rumours about the risk of investment in the key semiconductor industry of the country. Taiwan is playing an important role in providing computer chips that are used in almost every product, from smartphones and cars to fighter jets.

Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook revealed this plan during an internal meeting in Germany with retail and local engineering employees as part of his European tour. Tim Cook said that Apple might also expand its supply of computer chips from various manufacturing plants in Europe.

They have already made a decision to purchase chips from the Arizona-based plant, and this plant starts operations in 2024, so they have around 2 years to work on it, says Tim Cook. In Europe, Tim Cook is sure that they will also source the chips from Europe as the plans become more apparent.

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The US government is providing around 50 billion dollars in incentives as part of the legislation known as the Chips and Science Act to encourage the expansion of semiconductor chip production.  Apple Inc. currently sources its device processors from the TSMC plants that are located in Taiwan. The chips are designed by Apple itself and then they are manufactured by TSMC.