Apple to Launch First ‘Apple Store’ in India


Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, confirmed that, the first “Apple Store” in India has received the go-ahead from Apple Inc. During the presentation of Apple’s financial report for the first quarter of fiscal 2023, which began on December 31, 2022, the spearhead confirmed the launch announcement.

Apple’s revenue in India increased significantly in the first quarter, according to reports. To facilitate the retail sales of Apple products, Tom confirmed that the company would soon open an “Apple Store” in India. Apple’s domestic operations will benefit from the store. Cook claimed to be “bullish” regarding India.

The spearhead made it clear that the team has been able to set a quarterly record for revenue in India, with successive revenue increases of double digits. He stated that he is overjoyed by Apple’s widespread success in India. With a diverse customer base that thrives on premium products like smartphones, tablets, and earphones, India has been a progressive market for Apple Inc.

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Tom Cook revealed that the Indian smartphone market has been favorable to the iPhone. He went on to say that India’s success had been significantly aided by the Apple Online Store. Tim Cook stated that the Indian market has also seen success with other premium products like the iPad and Macbook.