Apple Released new 16.3 iOS Update with More Security Features


iPhone and iPad users can now upgrade to iOS 16.3, which includes a number of new features. iOS 16.3 adds a few new features and fixes a few bugs.

Due to this, the users will be able to add a physical security key as part of the two-factor authentication sign-in, Apple ID will be more secure with Security Keys. Those who want to safeguard their data even further will benefit from this feature. Last week, Apple introduced a new HomePod, which users will be able to set up and use with iOS 16.3.

Holding the side button on the iPhone frequently resulted in accidental emergency calls. Apple has modified the feature so that in order to make a call, users will need to release the side button while simultaneously holding the volume buttons. In addition, in honor of Black History Month, iPhone users will receive a brand-new Unity wallpaper.

This update fixes a problem in Freeform that caused some drawing strokes made with your finger or Apple Pencil to not appear on shared boards. It addresses a problem in which the wallpaper on the Lock Screen might appear black. A problem that caused horizontal lines to briefly appear when waking up an iPhone 14 Pro Max is also fixed. Additionally, the update addresses a problem with the Home Lock Screen widget’s inability to accurately display the Home app’s status.

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