Apple Planning to Scan iPhones in US for Child Abuse Images


According to a report, the company ‘Apple’ is now planning to scan the photos on the iPhones in the United States of America for the child abuse images, and the system, which Apple is going to use is known as the ‘neuralMatch’ and this system will be scanning the photos stored on the iPhones and on the iCloud.

According to the report, the scanning is going to be continuous, which means that, it is going to continue to operate in the background and the system is also going to alert the team of the human reviewers if the system found a match, and after finding the match, the authorities of law are going to be involved later.

The system known as the neuralMatch has been trained for the purpose of using a database from the National Center for Mission and Exploited Children, and the report also says that, the system is going to be limited to the iPhones and in the United States only in the beginning.

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As the intent of the company for scanning the iPhones is good and the child abuse is nothing to make fun of, and this means that, the company ‘Apple’ is using the system for purpose of getting to end of the child abuse which seems irregular, and the company is also willing to let the privacy for taking a backseat and admitting openly to the technology which has been responsible for letting the company to scan the data or photos on the iPhones of the users in the United States.