Apple Planning to Introduce Contactless Payments Via Tap to Pay on iPhone


The company ‘Apple’ has announced the plans for introducing Tap to Pay on the iPhones, and this new capability is going to be empowering millions of the merchants across the United States starting from the small businesses to the large retailers and for using the iPhone of the people for securely and seamlessly accepting the Apple Pay along with contactless debit and credit cards and also several other digital wallets by just tapping to the iPhones.

There is no need of additional hardware and payment terminal, and the Tap to Pay is going to be available for the payment platforms along with the developers of the mobile applications for the purpose of integrating into the iOS apps and also offering as a apyemnet option to the business customers of the users.

The Platform known as ‘Stripe’ is going to be first payment platform to offer the Tap to Pay on the iPhone to the business customers that is including the Shopify Point of sale app, and the additional payment platforms and applications is going to be following later in the year 2022.

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Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Wallet and Apple Pay said, as more and more consumers have been entering into the payment platform along with the digital wallets and the credit cards, and the Tap to Pay on the iPhone is going to be providing the business along with a private, secure and easy way for accepting the contactless payments and also unlocking the experience for checkouts that are using the power.