Apple Launches its Third Generation AirPods


The technology company ‘Apple’ has launched its third generation AirPods as the company has been unleashing the event with a redesign, that has been similar to the AirPods Pro, and these new AirPods comes with the qualities like water and sweat resistant, along with the Spatial audio, and these AirPods also comes with the adaptive EQ, that had been earlier seen on the Apple AirPods Pro also.

Unlike the previous model, the new third generation Apple AirPods has been coming with an upgraded design along with the shorter stems for the purpose of providing a better grip and also with the improved ergonomics. The next generation Apple AirPods also comes with a wireless charging case as the standard that is also supporting the MagSafe of Apple.

Along with the new AirPods, the company has also brought the Apple Music Voice services and the new colour options for the HomePod mini, mainly yellow, orange and blue. The company has been putting a big emphasis on the mixes of the Bplby Atmos music and spatial audio along with the New AirPods, which are responsible for supporting the capabilities of the head tracking as the AirPods Max and AirPods Pro that can also be applied while watching the video.

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The new AirPods also include a skin-detect sensor that has been claimed for the purpose of providing help in accurately discerning if the earbuds are in the pocket or in the ear and they also have the pause playback when they are removed.