Apple Launched Three New Models of iphone, Replacing iphone X


Multinational tech giant Apple launched three new mobile phone models – XS, XS Max, and XR said to be the most awaited launch of the year. iPhone X, the recent most popular iPhone, would be replaced by these three.

The features of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max look alike but vary in size. Whereas the iPhone XR is economical and more colorful with just little conciliations. XR has brought a substantial shift in Apple’s stratagem by becoming a bargain and premium iPhone mix.

For grabbing the lowest storage capacity iPhone XR, you need to spend $799 from your pockets. $999 and $1099 are required to be spent for buying iPhone XS and XS Max (64 GB) respectively. Prices start rising with the increase in the internal storage.

This unveiling of new phone models is indeed a big moment for Apple. At a period where phone have become expensive day by day, Apple cements a new strategy to focus on its X series that will continue to face a boom in 2019 as well, expectantly.

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Apart from the cell phones, Apple has also introduced the Watch Series 4 basically designed as a health aide. Being the first redesign of the company’s smartwatch, it is a slightly thinner version of the previous one with a black frame around the screen removed.

2019 is expected to be really a period of boom for Apple because of its newly launched products this year.