Apple Launched Subscription Service Focusing of Small Business Users


On Wednesday, 10th November 2021, Apple Inc., has launched a new subscription services, that has been aiming at providing help to the owners of the small businesses for the purpose of managing the devices of Apple that had been used by the employees of the small businesses.

Apple has named the service as ‘Business Essentials’, and it is similar to the management software, which the companies like VMware Inc., or Microsoft are selling to the large businesses across the world for the purpose of setting up and keeping high security in their fleets of the laptops, phones and tablets.

But, this version of Apple has been simplified for all the businesses along with the employee strength of 50 to 500, which either have a small or none IT department in the company. This new service is going to cost between 2.99 dollar to 12.99 dollars per month per user depending on how many devices are needed by a business for the purpose of managing each and every employee and how much cloud storage is needed by the business.

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Apple is also going to be offering a service for the purpose of replacing and repairing the damaged hardware at the small businesses within a time period of four hours, even though the company said, it has not determined any pricing for the service yet.

Susan Prescott, vice president of enterprise and education marketing at Apple said, time has been very important for the small businesses, and it has also been one of the most valuable resources of the companies, and as they are starting to grow, there are going to be more demands on their time.