Apple Inc Becomes First US Company to Reach Market Capital of $3-trillion


The company ‘Apple’ has reached the market capital of 3 trillion dollars during the intraday trading before the company dropped back under the mar shortly afterwards, and the company ‘Apple’ has broken the barrier when the share prices of the company has reached 182.86 dollars.

On Monday, 3rd January 2022, the company has increased to 2.5 percent for closing at 182.01 dollars, and the company has just missed the closing of the trading at the mark of 3 trillion dollars.

This milestone of the technology company has mostly been symbolic but the company has also shown that, the investors have remain bullish on the Apple stock along with the ability of the Apple stock to grow, and at a market value of 3 trillion dollars, the company ‘Apple’ has tripled its valuation with the time period of four years.

The company has also been showing annual growth across all the product categories in the fourth quarter earnings of the company, along with the revenue that has been increased by around 29 percent year-over-year, and the iPhone of the company has still been the biggest driver of the sales for Apple, and the services business of Apple has also grown by 25.6 percent year-over-year and the company has also delivered over 18 billion dollars in the revenue during quarter.

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Apple has sold 27 million pairs of the company’s newest models of AirPods during the holidays responsible for driving 20 percent growth year-over-year for the wearable business of Apple.