Antitrust Claims May be Faced by Google Over Play Store


According to the sources, a group of state attorneys general might be filing a lawsuit against the company Google in the coming weeks, that had been accusing the advertising and search giant for the purpose of violating the antitrust law in running the mobile app store of the company.

According to a source, the most anticipated lawsuit has been following the complaints from various app developers across the country about the management of the Play Store by Google for the Android devices, and the lawsuit has also been in the works since 2020, which has already been delayed.

The investigation by the state attorneys general is currently being led by Utah, Tennessee, New York and North America, and it is still not clear that, how many states are going to be participating. According to the sources, the case is likely going to be filed in the federal court based in the region of North Carolina, where the similar related cases are also being heard.

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These cases have also been including a lawsuit, the company Epic Games Inc, video game maker, has filed against the company google in 2020, in which the company has accused google for having some anticompetitive app store rules and the case is expected to go to the trial in 2022.

A spokesperson of Google said, Android has been the only major operating system, that generally allows the people for downloading the apps from multiple app stores, and most of the android devices also have two or more pre-installed app stores.