Anthony Fauci: It Will Take Two Weeks To Have Definitive Information on New Omicron Covid-19 Variant


On Sunday, 29th November 2021, Anthony Fauci, the top US infectious disease official have told Joe Biden, president of the United States, it is going to take around two weeks for having a definitive information on the newly identified novel corona virus variant known as omicron, which has been responsible for sparking the new travel restrictions and have also shaken the financial markets.

Anthony Fauci said, he still believes that, the existing novel corona vaccines are likely going to provide a degree of protecting the people against the severe cases of the novel corona virus, and the officials of the United States has also reiterated their recommendation for the vaccinated people of the United States for getting booster vaccine shots.

Joe Biden had been due to update the people of the United States on the new novel corona virus variant and omicron, which had been firstly detected in the southern region of Africa, has now been detected in the countries including Belgium, Australia, UK, Botswana, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Hong Kong, Germany, South Africa, Canada, France, and the Netherlands.

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Anthony Fauci said, there has been clear indication that, the new covid-19 variant is having the capability of transmitting rapidly, and this has been the thing, which has been causing them to be more concerned now. The growing number of cases as the cold weather has been forcing more people inside their homes has also caused some of the hospitals in the United States including New York for declaring the emergencies.