Android and Google Nest are now Matter-Enabled Controllers for Future Devices


Google has announced that its Android and Nest devices are Matter-enabled, making it possible for users to set up and control a variety of previously unknown matter Matter devices. If the Android devices have Google Play Service version 22.48.14 installed and are capable of pairing a matter-compatible device with a number of other Matter products and controllers.

The user can pair a few Eve devices that received a Matter firmware update three days ago in the early Matter days. The latest firmware updates for Nest devices that have been quietly updated can now be controlled from the same location.

The fact that they could technically use an Android phone to connect an Eve device to their Matter network and then use an iOS Home app with Samsung SmartThings to actually control that device is the main draw at the moment. Or, the devices could be privately added to the network using an iOS device that could be controlled from a Google Nest Hub and other Nest devices.

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Additionally, Google announced that Matter now supports Fast Pair on Android devices. This indicates, to the best of their knowledge, that whenever a Matter device is in close proximity, a pop-up prompt and flow akin to Google’s for Pixel Buds and other friendly devices will guide users through connecting their device to their network.