Analysis: Ukraine Crisis Can Derail Drive For Limiting Defense Spending of US


Many democrats in the United States thought that, their control of the White House and the congress is going to provide an opportunity to rein in the military spending of the United States, which had now leaped 140 percent since the year 2000 and also for beefing up the social programs that they felt had been neglected.

The tanks of the Russian Army has been rolled into Ukraine, along with bringing the intense pressure for the purpose of boosting the budget of pentagon significantly and not only for the upcoming year.

The congress of the United States has also passed an increase in the defense spending of around 6 percent, which has been a total that is expected to keep increase I spite of the withdrawal of the US forces of Joe Biden, president of the United States from Afghanistan in August 2021 after 20 years of year.

Tim Kaine, a democratic senator of the United States said that, the switch of the primary threat from the non-state terrorist organizations that has been going to require some significant investment and some has also been retooling of the investment.

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The invasion of Russia in Ukraine has fundamentally altered what their national security posture and what their defense posture is needing to be, and it has also made it more complicated and it has also made it very expensive.