An Electro-Magnet Exploded In a Laboratory at Tokyo


A magnet, kept in a secured room at Tokyo, exploded by literally cracking the room’s door. This electromagnet is one of the kinds that generates a magnetic consisting of a flow of electrical current in it. The moment the Scientists switched-on the magnet, it propelled the heavy doors which were actually designed for safeguarding it.

The recently published study in the journal – Review of Scientific Instruments showed that the strength of the magnetic field which is measured in a unit of magnetic intensity ‘tesla’ turned out to be as high as 1200, equivalent to more than 400 times powerful than that of an MRI machine.

More than a decade ago, a magnet with an intensity of just 45 teslas was described by the journal named Popular Mechanics magazine as the most powerful magnet, which means a magnet that after turning on does not tear itself into bits. This magnet, however, is as less as 4 percent of the power emitted by this 1200 tesla intense magnet, created by Shojiro Takeyama and his team.

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For achieving this level of intensity, Takeyama along with his team has pumped megajoules of energy into a petite electromagnetic coil, which is the inner lining of the magnet that collapses the magnetic field inside gets squeezed into a tighter space.

Discussing one of the experiments, from1960s to 2001, by the Russian and American Researchers in which the electromagnet created an energy of around 2,800 teslas, Takayama said:

“The most similar magnetic-field generation is by chemical explosives. They cannot conduct these experiments in indoor laboratories, so they usually conduct everything in the outdoors, like Siberia in a field or somewhere in a very wide place at Los Alamos, New Mexico.”

He added, “And they try to make a scientific measurement but because of these conditions it’s very hard to make precise measurements.”