American airlines to cut hundreds of its Flights


The American Airlines said, it has cancelled hundreds of its flights because of the shortage in the staff, along with the maintenance and several other issues, and the challenges faced by the carrier as the demand in the travel have been surged towards the pre-covid-19 pandemic levels.

According to the flight-tracking site known as the FlightAware, around 6 percent of the mainline schedule of the American Airline or around 180 flights, had been cancelled on Sunday, 20th March 2021. The American Airlines said that, it was equalled around 3 percent of the company’s total flights, which has also been including those flights, that were operated by the regional carriers.

The data has shown that, around 50 percent of those flights had been cancelled because of the unavailable flight crews, and on Saturday, 19th June 2021, around 4 percent or 123 flights of the company had been cancelled. The America Airlines said, the is company is reducing its overall schedule by around 1 percent through July 2021, to provide help in easing some of the disruptions, that has been resulted because of the bad weather and several other issues.

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Sarah Jantz, spokeswoman for American Airlines said, the problems like bad weather combined with the shortages of the staffs and the very quick increase in the demand of the customers, has been responsible in leading the company for building in the additional resilience and certainty to their operation by adjusting around 1 percent of their scheduled flying through July 2021.

She also said, they have also made some targeted changes along with the goal of impacting the least number of their customers by adjusting the flights in the market, where they are having various options.