Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Launch Healthcare Accelerator Program for UK-based Startups


The Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been collaborating with PUBLIC, a technology company focused by the government for the purpose of launching the accelerator program for the digital health care start-up companies based in the United Kingdom, and this virtual four-weeks opportunity of mentorship is open to the innovative companies that has been focusing on the elective care, along with access to the citizen, population health and workforce.

A group of ten selected digital healthcare startups are going to be receiving the promotional credits, along with the specialized Amazon Web Services training, along with mentoring from the healthcare domain and the technical subject matter experts, along with the go-t0-market guidance, business development, investment guidance, and the potential proof of the concept opportunities along with the healthcare customers of the public industry.

All the selected start-up companies are also going to be getting the opportunity for collaborating with the customers of the Amazon Web Services and also the members of the partner network of AWS has been looking for the innovative healthcare solutions.

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The healthcare accelerator of the Amazon Web Services has been aiming to cultivate and promoting the innovative start-up companies, which are achieving the aim of the improved patient experience, along with better health outcomes, improved clinician experience and also low cost of the care.

The health accelerator of AWS has been designed to accelerate the growth in the cloud, along with focusing on the innovation in the areas like mental health support solutions, remote patient monitoring, workforce productivity tools, analytics supporting prioritization and triage and care navigation.