Amazon to Launch ‘Astro’, the Home Robot in US


The company ‘Amazon’ has been launching ‘Astro’, the company’s first home robot, which gas been powered by the company’s Alexa smart home technology, and the company also said, it can also be remote-controlled when the people are not at home, for the purpose of checking on the pets, along with the people or home security.

The robot can also do patrolling of the home automatically and can also send a notification to the owners, that it has been detecting something unusual, and the company ‘Amazon’ said it had been more than Alexa with the wheels and it has also been programmed with a wide range of the movements and expressions for the purpose of giving it a personality.

The company has demonstrated by asking the Astro robot to beatbox, and the robot has nodded its head and also made expressions while playing the hip-hop beats, and the company is also keen to the privacy concerns of the customers.

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The company said, Astro robot can possibly be set with the out of the bounds zone, so that it cannot go into the certain areas or can possibly be set for the do not disturb mode. The Astro has also been featuring the buttons for turning off the cameras and microphones even though it has been losing the ability for moving around when the cameras and microphones are switched off.

The robot has also been equipped with an extendable periscope camera, that pops up from the head of the robot, and the company has also shown an example of using it for the purpose of checking if a gas hob was left one after leaving the house.