Amazon Sent Warning Notice to 2,300 Employees on Job Cuts


Under the company’s Warn Act, approximately 2,300 Amazon employees have received warning notices regarding job cuts. According to the news agency Reuters, employees from Costa Rica, the United States, and Canada are about to be let go.

This comes just a few weeks after the company announced earlier that it would be cutting 2% of its workforce, laying off approximately 8,000 employees in the first week of January as part of its over 18,000 employee layoff drive.

In light of the possibility of a worsening global economy, global tech companies are cutting jobs. Microsoft is one of the recent businesses to announce approximately 10,000 layoffs in engineering divisions. As part of their preparations for the pre-pandemic situation, these businesses are reducing their operations. The tech giant justified the cuts by citing shifting customer priorities and macroeconomic conditions.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is expanding its workforce during the pandemic by approximately 36%, but only 5% of its total workforce is being laid off. CEO Satya Nadella promised to hire in important strategic areas, particularly in the division of artificial intelligence.

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In recent months, Salesforce, Sophos, and Meta Inc., among other tech brands, have drastically reduced their operations. In addition to the hundreds of employees who were laid off last year, Salesforce previously announced that it would be cutting 10% of its workforce over the next few weeks.

Meta Inc laid off 11,000 employees and 450 from a cybersecurity company with headquarters in the UK.