Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Amazon Opens First Non-Food Store in United Kingdom

The company ‘Amazon’ has been bolstering the company’s high street presence in the United Kingdom with the opening of the company’s first non-food physical shop that has been offering Amazon’s bestselling line of the books, toys, games, homeware, and electronics.

The outlet, which is based at the Bluewater shopping centre located in Kent, has been the first Amazon 4-star store based outside the United States and it is also going to be using the data from the company’s website sales for the purpose of judging that, which products have been proving popular with the local shoppers in the country.

The range of the products, that have been sold in the store is going to change regularly, along with the staff of Amazon that has been responding to the feedback of the customers and also the releases of the new product.

The Bluewater store has been the latest venture of the company Amazon into the bricks-and-mortar of the United Kingdom after several other trials, that has also been including a pop-up shop of fashion, along with a fresh grocery store in the region of west London and a hi-tech hair salon on the capital of United Kingdom.

Andy Jones, director of Amazon 4-star in United Kingdom said, the company has been working on the outlet in United Kingdom since before the novel corona virus pandemic, and they are very keen for the purpose of getting the customers in, and also for observing what they are really thinking.