Amazon Inc. Begins Layoffs in India


Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon, confirmed the upcoming layoffs. Amazon will be laying off more than 18000 employees, many of whom hail from India, will be affected by layoffs. In the past, reports suggested that Amazon might lay off nearly 1,000 people in various departments in India, including technology and human resources.

Amazon appears to have begun firing employees worldwide, including in India. Andy Jassy confirmed in the blog post from the previous week that the company will communicate with affected employees after January 18, 2023.

Many affected Amazon employees have taken to LinkedIn and Twitter to announce that they have been laid off and are open to new opportunities as the layoffs begin. Multiple Indian departments, including those with offices in Bengaluru, Gurugram, and elsewhere, have been affected by layoffs. The teams that suffer losses suffer the most. Employees with and without prior experience are among those who have been laid off.

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The affected employees have been informed of their layoffs by email from Amazon. Our sources confirm that the employee has been asked to meet with the leadership team on a specific date to gain further insight into the situation. The business stated in the same email that it would provide severance pay for five months.

Numerous affected Amazon India employees have shared the update and sought new employment opportunities on LinkedIn and Twitter. The tech company has also stopped offering full-time positions, leaving the candidate without one. Meta recently confirmed that full-time offers would be revoked and also hinted that hiring would slow throughout 2023.

The layoffs at Amazon have only just begun and are anticipated to continue for a few more weeks. The CEO of Amazon said that the company overhired during the pandemic and will need to lay off thousands of employees in the coming weeks.