Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Amazon Acquires UK-Based Veeqo, A Multichannel Retail Technology Company

The company ‘Amazon’ has now confirmed that, it has now acquired ‘Veeqo’. A software company based in the United Kingdom that has been offering the inventory along with the tools of fulfilment for the sellers of e-commerce on the and several other platforms.

This acquisition has also been continuing to be a trend of Amazon establishing its e-commerce infrastructure beyond the core platform of the company. The company’s acquisition of Selz in the year 2021 has now raised the speculation about Amazon that is competing directly with Shopify in the process of providing the services of e-commerce regardless of whether they will be selling the products on or anywhere else.

The tools of Veeqo has been supporting the sales on the channels including Shopify and eBay in addition to the The existing offerings of Amazon has been including the Multi-Channel Fulfillment that has been letting the sellers of the third party using the established network of Amazon for the purpose of fulfilling the orders place on the several other sites.

A spokesperson of Amazon said that, they are very excited that Veeqo has joined Amazon, and Veeqo has been an innovative company that is helping the sellers for managing their multi-channel business and has also been providing a great experience to the shoppers or buyers.

The spokesperson also said that, they are now planning to continue finding new features and improvements for helping the Veeqo to provide service to the sellers across the globe from the company’s home located in Wales.