Alverno Labs and Ibex Partnered to Enhance AI Cancer Diagnosis Platform in US


Ibex Medical Analytics, artificial intelligence and digital pathology company based in Israel has partnered with the Alverno Laboratories to continue the roll out of the platform of Ibex Medical Analytics in the market of the United States.

The Ibex Medical Analytics has been one of the several companies in the pathology space like PathAI and Proscia for using the artificial intelligence technologies like machine learning and image recognition for the purpose of improving the diagnosis and the current care for the patients diagnosed with cancer.

In the time, when the experienced and well qualified pathologists are in demand, the Artificial Intelligence is having the potential for speeding up and improving the accuracy rate of cancer diagnosis and it also gives better prediction about the prognoses of the patients.

The platform of Ibex Medical Analytics known as ‘Galen’, is having a CE mark for the use in the process of detecting the prostrate and breast cancer in the European Union, and in June 2021, the company was also granted a Breakthrough Device Designation by the US FDA, that has allowed the regulatory approval and clinical review of the company’s platform to be tracked.

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Alverno is going to deploy the platform ‘Galen’ across all its laboratories in the country for the treatment of the prostrate and breast cancer diagnosis as being a part of the partnership. Sam Terese, CEO of Alverno said, adopting the artificial intelligence solutions of Ibex Medical Analytics and embedding those solutions into Alevrno’s diagnostic pathway is going to provide help to the pathologists, whose number are decreasing across the United States of America.