Alter Technology Open Photonics Design Centre In UK


The company ‘Alter Technology’ has now opened a Photonics Design Centre in the region of Glasgow, at the University of Strathclyde for the purpose of accelerating the commercialization of the photonic products into the quantum technology and the space markets.

The Photonics Design Centre, which is based in the technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) of Strathclyde, is going to be supporting the development of Alter Technology Group of the highly integrated, robust and miniaturised products for being used in the quantum enabled positioning, timing and navigation systems and the satellite optical communications based on the photonic technology.

Over the upcoming three to five years, the Alter Technology Group is going to be allocating around 6 million euros to the Design Centre and the company’s manufacturing site in the region of Livingston, UK for the purpose of funding the equipment, along with the personnel, facilities and several other costs for research and development.

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The existing manufacturing site of the company is also going to be benefitted from the additional investment in the associated robotic based manufacturing equipment and processes for the photonic products.

The engineering team of the Centre has already been working on the projects and request of the customers and they are also expecting to move into the company’s new facility in May 2022. The opening of this new Centre has been complementing the current global manufacturing, qualification, test, and sales operations of the Alter Technology Group.