Air India Plans to Enhance Collaboration with Airports in India


As the Tata Group-owned airline works to upgrade its systems, Air India wants to strengthen its collaborations with domestic and international airports. Under Vihaan, the airline has established a plan. over the course of five years, AI for transformation.

Chief Customer Experience Officer & Global Operations – Airport Operations Rajesh Dogra stated that Air India was not employing the most advanced aviation technologies on the market. They are attempting to introduce novel technologies, establish novel systems, and collaborate closely with airports worldwide. There are a lot of options for potential collaborations, but we did not use them to the maximum extent. The company have been meeting airport operators in India, JFK (New York), SFO (San Francisco), and LHR (the UK).

Rajesh Dogra also emphasized that airlines and airports cannot collaborate in silos while speaking at the CAPA India aviation summit in this location. According to Rajesh Dogra, it is important for airports, airlines, and Online Travel Agents (OTAs) to share data with other stakeholders.

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In January 2022, Tata Group acquired a 50% stake in AIATSL, Air India Express, and the financially troubled airline. The airline announced last month that it had placed orders for 470 Airbus and Boeing aircraft, including 70 wide-body aircraft. 250 will come from Airbus, while 220 will come from Boeing. Additionally, additional 370 aircraft from the two aircraft manufacturers can be purchased. In addition, the merger of Vistara with Air India and AirAsia India, which has been rebranded as AIX Connect, has been initiated.