Air Canada to Experiment with AI for Customer Service Growth


Air Canada has stated that it intends to incorporate artificial intelligence into issues pertaining to customer service. Mel Crocker, Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Air Canada, stated that the airline would begin testing AI integration for customer service support in the summer.

Making sense of one of the straightforward issues a traveler might experience, Crocker said, on account of a blizzard, in the event that you have not been given your new ticket yet, and you simply need to affirm assuming you pull up a chair accessible on another flight, that is the kind of thing we can undoubtedly deal with man-made intelligence.

The Marvel actor Simu Liu made the announcement just over two weeks after he complained about the airline’s employees on Instagram, describing them as unpleasant and unprofessional. Crocker stated that the airline also believes that the software will be able to resolve more difficult issues in the future by gaining knowledge from previous interactions.

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Customers would no longer have to wait on the phone for an agent, and call center agents would be able to concentrate on more difficult issues as a result of an improvement in AI technology.

Employers and AI developers may find the concept intriguing, but labor advocates raised concerns about the employees’ job security.

According to Kaylie Tiessen, an economist at Unifor, the largest private-sector union in the country, they are already looking into how AI will change the jobs of their members. For them, it is essential that businesses consult the people who actually do the job to learn what skills they have been using to complete the task.