Exercise in pregnancy

A New Study States Vigorous Exercise to Be Safe For Pregnant Woman


The stage of pregnancy is one of the delightful and crucial periods in a woman’s life. Usually, physicians suggest adapting brisk walking and about 120 minutes of light exercise a day to a woman for a healthier pregnancy.

Some experts believe that strenuous and forceful workouts can turn out to be a risk factor for a woman’s pregnancy. They recommend to not to involve in activities such as intensive running, cycling or weight training as it may exhaust or harm the pregnant woman, pulling off nutrients and oxygen from her child.

However, a study published in September in the Journal Sports Medicine suggests the vigorous work out to be healthy and normal for an expecting woman. To confirm the same, researchers from the Iceland University and other institutions decided to carry on a survey on about 130 female athletes during their pregnancies.

A close look at their workout activities was kept. Some of the women were involved in robust and impact activities such as running and soccer whereas some of them engaged themselves in swimming and equestrian events.

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Simultaneously, about 118 women, who were not involved in athletics, were quizzed about their exercise habits both before and during the pregnancy period. After getting permitted by them, the scientists analyzed the records in the Icelandic Medical Birth Registry about each woman’s labor and delivery. The result showed that those athletes many of whom had trained into their second trimesters or beyond had experienced healthy pregnancies and few delivery complications.