A Glimpse of Numbers behind India-Pakistan Cricket Rivalry


India and Pakistan first met in 1952, when team Pakistan visited India for a test series of five matches. The hosts have won the series by 2-1. Since then, both India and Pakistan have engaged in several Test, T20I, and ODI matches.

However, because of the political tensions, and multiple wars between India and Pakistan over the years, the game of cricket has suffered a lot as both sides were ordered to abandon any cricketing ties with each other. India and Pakistan have played a total of 202 cricket matches at the international level to date, with Pakistan having a better win record over India in ODIs and Tests.

In Test matches, both teams have played 59 international matches, in which Pakistan won 12 matches with India winning 9 matches, and 38 test matches were drawn. In ODIs, both teams played 132 matches in which Pakistan has won 73 matches and Indian won 55 matches, and 4 ODIs were draw. In T20Is, 11 matches were played between India and Pakistan, where India has won 8 matches and Pakistan won 3 matches.

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In 50-over World Cup, India and Pakistan played 7 matches, and India maintained winning streak of 7-0 against Pakistan. In T20 World Cup, both teams have played 6 matches out of which Indian has won 4 matches, and Pakistan won 1 match, and 1 match is tied.

India vs Pakistan in World Cups:

TournamentTotal MatchesIndia (Won)Pakistan (Won)Draw/Tie
50-over WC7700
T20 WC6411

India vs Pakistan in Cricket:

FormatTotal MatchesIndia (Won)Pakistan (Won)Draw/Tie