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$5.1 Billion Levied On Google – The Highest Fine Till Date

World’s popular search engine Google is imposed with a penalty of $5.1 Billion by the European Commission, which is the highest fine to date. The EU’s antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager warned Google to stop their illegal behaviour. She stated, “Google has used Android as a vehicle to cement the dominance of its search engine”. Adding to it, she said “the size of the fine reflects the seriousness and the sustained nature of Google’s actions” The European Union further accused Google of abusing its power in the smartphone market.

Google is asked to alter their market policies, which is one of the most aggressive moves taken by EU against one of the world’s largest tech giants. A time span of 90 days has been spared to Google to either to stop their practices or to recompense by giving 5% of the average daily revenue of Alphabet, the parent company.

To this, Google countered for making an appeal on the decision as well as the fine. Google’s Android has generated ample of choices for everyone and its vibrant ecosystem, rapid innovation, and lower prices are classic hallmarks of the robust competition; said Sundar Pichai Google’s CEO.

Google has been accused to misuse its powers for forcing the leading handset makers like Samsung, Huawei, and HTC to configure Google search and chrome browser as their default services so as to gain the access to other Google apps.

Google’s rivals are felicitated after E.U.’s decision. Google had really made it “very challenging to compete” after securing deals with the handset makers to only use Google’s apps; said DuckDuckGo’s CEO, a search engine provider, in an interview.

Over the years, Google has gained enormous popularity and skyrocketed its stock price, revenue, and profits. According to the European commission’s inquiry, three years ago, the annual revenue of Alphabet was found to be around $70 billion which is now amplified to around $100 billion. It is rapidly gaining pace in the mobile phone market as well. Reports say, around 1.20 billion of the handsets were sold last year.

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