3rd Cricket Test Between India and Australia Shifted from Dharamshala


A high-ranking BCCI official confirmed that the third Test between India and Australia has been moved from Dharamshala. The entire outfield, including the pitch, had been repaved by the HPCA. An official told The Indian Express on Friday that, despite the fact that the pitch has not been tested, it is not a major concern. The reason for concern is the small unfinished patch near the square.

One Test match between India and Australia took place at the HPCA stadium in 2017, which is known as one of the most picturesque cricket venues in the world. The HPCA had planned to relay the entire outfield with the local weather conditions in mind, despite hosting T20s and ODIs frequently. After the monsoon, work on the relays began.

When the outfield and pitch are replaced, it is customary to test them during a game. But, according to the official, that hasn’t happened yet. Himachal Pradesh played their home games at Nadaun throughout the Ranji Trophy season, while work continued in Dharamshala.

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A source claims that there is still some work to be done in the vicinity of the side area of the pitch. We anticipate that everything will be prepared prior to the game. After the BCCI inspection, the HPCA will take telephone calls. Sprinklers have been installed in the ground, and the entire surface has been repaved with proper drainage. With three weeks remaining, we believe that some of the work will be completed.