Sea turtles died

300 Endangered Species of Turtles Died In Mexico


Around 300 species of sea turtles, on Tuesday, were found dead by the fishermen in the southern coast of Mexico Oaxaca, around 100 of their dead remains recovered. These ‘Olive Ridley’ turtles died because of getting caught in the ghost-nets and founded floating together having their shells cracked for more than a week.

The World Wildlife Fund classifies these Olive Ridley turtles as one of the vulnerable species. Authorities said that these turtles were lying dead since 8 days and might have drowned by getting trapped in the ghost-nets. Ghost nets are gear that was lost by its owner and not retrieved for one reason or another, according to a marine biologist Bryan Wallace.

These endangered turtles who are at the verge of extinction, are about 45 kilograms in weight and around 75 centimeters in length. They migrate amid various Mexican states along with the Pacific Ocean for laying eggs.

Whereas the Mexican authorities are imputing at the fishermen for the turtles’ death, Wallace believes it is not prudent to criticize the fishermen.

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He said, “This is a super complicated issue and there are a lot of communities, especially in Mexico, who do their best and are trying to do more, and they already live in a pretty challenging set of circumstances.”

“This is not a new thing. It’s just going to take a while,” he added.