Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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China’s Recent Actions on South China Sea

Summarising the whole week’s hustle altogether, the South China Sea has grasped recent developments. China occasioned to be side-left by the small neighbors disputing over islands, coral reefs and water lagoons that are a vital source for enhancing global commerce and are rich in fish, potential oil, and gas reserves.

Chinese performed Naval exercises above the sea, the navy fighter bombers executed exercises for detecting and expulsing the foreign military surveillance aircraft just the same as organized by the US on regular basis.

As seen in the video, displayed in CCTV’s military channel, a squadron of two-seater Xian JH-7 Flying Leopards dropped bombs over the South China Sea. Meanwhile, the other planes were hovering just a few meters above the South China Sea.

As per the report, the pilots, being alerted about the foreign aircraft, entered the airspace in order to keep surveillance. The tower ordered one of the planes, which was participating in the exercise, to break off and cease the foreign aircraft. The plane, then, “responded effectively” taking hold of the “commanding position” and became successful in expelling the foreign aircraft. However, there was nowhere mentioned the exact time when the exercise took place.

South China Sea Naval Air Force Regiment’s Commander, Tian Junging, reported about the whole ongoing development, “In the process of unceasingly challenging ourselves, the building of our team of talents has entered the fast lane.” Adding to it, he said, “The overall combat capability of the force is increased by stages, forging a formidable force that dares to fight and thunders over the South China Sea.”

If talking about the past, similar activities took place. Last year the U.S. and China’s aircraft came extremely close, about 15 meters apart from each other. In 2014, a Chinese fighter jet came 9 meters nearby to a Navy P-8 and conducted a sequence of risky drills.